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A Study of Risk Factors Associated with Poor Water and Sanitation in Srinagar City, Jammu and Kashmir

Prof. (Retd.) A. L Singh and Dr. Shanawaz Ahmad Baba

Department of Geography,  Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh


Accepted 22 November 2017


This paper seeks to investigate the risk factors associated with inadequate water and sanitation conditions in the different income households of Srinagar city. The study is based on primary sources of data collected with the help of well structured questionnaire/schedule from 1500 households during 2013. This study identifies the 8 main water supply and sanitation related risk factors and occurrence of 6 associated diseases. The study show that most of the low and lower middle income households were exposed to all the associated risk factors of water and sanitation. The study points to the need of creating awareness amongst the low and lower middle income households about the waterborne diseases.

Keywords: Poor Water, and Sanitation, Water Disease.

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