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Optimization of Cup Bread Baking in Household Electric Oven

Rajender Gundua, Indrajit D. Thorat b*, Dipali D. Jagtap b, A. K. Datta a, Jayashree G. C.c 

aDepartment of Agricultural and Food Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

bCollege of Food Processing Technology and Bio-Energy, An and Agricultural University, Anand, India

cAgricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, TNAU, Coimbatore, India 

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 10 September 2012



In bread making, baking is a key step in which the raw dough piece is transformed into a light, porous, readily digestible and flavourful product. Bread baking is a low margin scale industry so it is a challenging task to produce a large quantity of good quality breads with low cost. To hasten the baking process in a normal Household oven, optimization of operating parameters is needed.  In this study wheat flour, sugar, salt, yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), ghee and water mixed and made into cup breads. These breads were baked in house hold conventional oven at three different temperatures 175 0C, 200 0C and 225 0C for 5 to 30 min with an increment of 5 min at each temperature. After baking the crumb moisture content, crust hardness, colour was determined and sensory evaluation was also carried out. From results, the optimized operating parameters were found as at 175 0C, baking time is 30 min; at 200 0C, baking time is 25 min and at 225 0C the baking time is 20 min. 

Keywords: Bread; optimization; baking time; baking temperature; Household conventional Oven.

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