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April 2012 Vol. 1(1), pp 007-015
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Socioeconomic Development of Rural Areas in Nigeria Using the Growth Pole Approach: A Case Study of Delta State University in Abraka.

1*Vincent N, Ojeh and 2Origho Thaddeus


1Department of Geography & Regional Planning, Delta State University, PMB 1, Abraka,

2Department of Geography, College of Education, Warri, Delta State

*Corresponding author E-mail:; Tel: +234806942746

Accepted 23 April, 2012



This empirical study focuses on the socio-economic impact of Delta State University (Delsu) on Abraka community in Delta State, South-south Nigeria where the administrative office of the University’s three (3) campuses is located. Primary data were collected through the use of 200 copies of questionnaires as well as oral interview. The establishment of the university in 1992 has precipitated rapid population increase in Abraka town which hitherto was a relatively unknown agrarian community where only peasant farming was the major source of livelihood. However, due to the speedy development brought about by the location of Delsu, the area has assumed the status of an urban centre in terms of overall development and this has been officially recognized by the state government. These include education, land use, housing, transportation, trade and commerce and other essential services caused by increased spatial interaction among dwellers. The developmental stride have also its negative consequences which include demand induced inflation, high cost of living, increase in criminal activities such as kidnapping among others which was largely unheard of in this community several years ago. The study concludes that citing a tertiary institution in a geographic environment is a stimulus for the rapid growth of the area but the adverse effects of development should be properly monitore. 

Keywords: Socioeconomic Development, Growth, Pole, Delta State University, Abraka.

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