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April 2012 Vol. 1(1), pp 001-006
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The Informal City: Assessing its Scope, Variants and Direction in Harare, Zimbabwe

Desire Dube and Innocent Chirisa


Department of Rural and Urban Planning, University of Zimbabwe

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 23 April, 2012



Urban informality is taking different shapes and dimensions. Theoretically the scope and dimensions of these remain little understood. This paper examines the different dimensions that the city is shaping itself informally. A case of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe is proved as a basis for grounding the theory. Examples cited include housing informality, self-help initiatives by the youths and street vending by different age and gender groups. It is overall argued that the informal sector operations are ever shifting, ever-configuring and worth exploring. Such a study as this one is helpful in finding medium to long-term solutions in urban Africa, as a whole.

Keywords: urban poverty, unemployment, informality, typology, policy alternatives, urban planning.


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