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November 2012 Vol. 1(8), pp 166-173
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Information technology led globalization and transformation of polity from local to global

Muhammad Zubair Khan1, Ijaz Shafi Gilani2 and Amanullah Khan Miankhel3

1Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Gomal University D.I.Khan, KPK, Pakistan.
2Professor, Department of Politics and International Relations, Room A-009, Block-2, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan.
3Department of Political Science, Gomal University, D.I.Khan, KPK, Pakistan.

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 10 October 2012


Polity refers to a social formation, of which state is but a part. The nation-state based polity is undergoing a transformation due to the imposing nature of ICTs led globalization. The states as a collective entity have no escape from the pushing impacts of digital technologies that have converted the world population into a single community with opportunities of instant connectivity, and dissemination of information through bullet-theory of injecting facts and figures into the mind of every member of global civil society. Several causes of this transformation of polity can be extracted from the intellectual discourses available in the existing research, predicting the consequences with tangible and explicit demonstrations of the same in the real world settings. The objective of this article is to juxtapose the diversity of research-findings into a compact piece of knowledge and present a theoretical model to comprehend this transformation and emergence of global polity.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), New Public Sphere (NPS), Globalization, Polity.


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