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December 2012 Special Anniversary Review Issue Vol. 1(9), pp 191-196
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Leadership, Followership and Socio-Political Development in Post-Independence Nigeria

Adegboyega Isaac, Ajayi

Department of History, Adeyemi College of Education, P.M.B. 520, Ondo, Nigeria

E-mail:; Tel: +2348023771996.

Accepted 03 December, 2012


In this study set against the background of political crises and general underdevelopment in Nigeria, leaders and followers are conceived as collaborators in the degradation of the social polity.  Selfishness, corruption and ineptitude on the part of the leaders as well as ignorance, timidity; and, ‘false consciousness’ on the part of the followers which makes them to seek accommodation under any type of government, were discussed.  We feel it will amount to mere wishful thinking to expect tangible development under this stifling situation.  We noted that increasing political awareness fostered by the press, social media, trade unions and Non-Governmental organizations would soon open the eyes of the followers to work for the enthronement of responsible and committed leadership. 

Keywords: Leadership, Followership, Social Contract, Collaborators, False-Consciousness.


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