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April 2012 Vol. 1(3), pp 065-069
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Iran’s inheritance and contribution to the civilization and culture of manhood over 2500 years 

Mohammad KhosraviShakib

Department of Persian language and literature, human science faculty, lorestan university, I. R. Iran.

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Accepted 18 April, 2012


With a long-standing and proud civilization, Persian culture is among the richest in the world. Two and a half millennia of inspiring literature, thousands of poets and writers, magnificent and impressive architecture, live customs dating back to Zoroastrians over 3000 years ago, and other unique characteristics of the nation are rivaled by only a few countries. Throughout the history, this grand treasure of Persia was gradually transferred to eastern and western nations. Iran's significant contribution into the world civilization in many respects is indispensable. Many ceremonies of the ancient Persians are the basis of western celebrations. Today's civilization is the product of the genius and contributions of many nations. Some nations lived for a span of time, contributed to the world and vanished completely from the face of the earth. Others stopped making any new offerings after a period of time, while some started very early and still continue contributing to the modern civilization. Iran is one of the few ancient civilizations that have survived the onslaught of time and circumstance. Owing to its vitality, Iran that had started earlier than many contributing continuously to the enrichment of civilization, still continues to survive and keeps adding to the modern civilization in new ways. It is only appropriate that Iran be properly introduced to the West, and its magnificent and prodigious contributions to the present world civilization be recognized. This paper tries to show several aspects of this crossroad civilization and culture as a really influential and dominant culture on the world of ancient and now days.

Keywords: Persian civilization, Cultural inheriting, traditional values, Literature and Language.


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