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April 2012 Vol. 1(3), pp 070-078
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Persistence of gender imbalance in local government authorities’ leadership in Tanzania: (A case study of Dodoma Municipality)

Dr. Ibun Kombo

The university of Dodoma Tanzania. 


Accepted 20 March 2012


This research documents factors underlying the prevalent of gender imbalance in Local government authorities (LGA) in Tanzania. Generally, the study intended to identify factors that make gender imbalance to persist in the LGA leadership positions and employment opportunities. Sample size was 100 respondents. Data were collected through questionnaire survey, interviews and secondary data were obtained through documentary review. Quantitative data were analyzed using Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS). While qualitative data from focus group discussion and interview were analyzed by content analysis TECHNIQUE. Data were presented in words, tables and figures 39% of respondents said patriarch system of Africans cultural altitude as men have negative attitude towards women in socio-economic development activities and in decision making resulted into prevalent of the problem. Effects of gender imbalance in the socio-economic development were revealed that 25.2% of respondents said women issues are not considered by men during the discussions of matters and decision making in the society. It has been concluded that, tackling gender imbalance requires the active participation of the media, social institutions business groups, trade unions, civic associations and voluntary groups and Non-Governmental organization (NGOs). In order to ensure gender balance in Tanzania, strong measures have to be taken and serious initiatives in implementing such measures to be put in place.

Keywords: Gender, local government, leadership Tanzania


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