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April 2014 Vol. 3(2), pp 017-029
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Voting pattern in Imo State governorship election: a study of 2011 election

Oji R.O. Phd1, Okeke Vincent Onyekwelu Sunday Phd2* and Agata. F.I.2

1Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Enugu State  University of Science And Technology,  Nigeria
2Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Anambra State  University,  Igbariam,  Anambra  State,  Nigeria

*Corresponding Author: E-mail:; Phone: 2348033847373

Accepted 21 April, 2014


With the April 2011 general elections, Nigeria may have taken steps towards reversing the degeneration of its previous elections, but the work is not finished. Despite some progress, early and intensive preparations for the 2015 elections need to start now.There is no doubt that election is the process of selecting leaders through voting. Voting is a critical variable in the electoral process. Therefore, the voting patterns in any ideal election should follow the direction or pattern which will see the popular candidates for election emerging winners and helping to solve the socio-economic and political problem in Nigeria. This is because, at the heart of the problem with Nigeria today is leadership. There is no free and fair election that will usher in credible leaders who has the interest of their people at heart. The course of character and behaviour modification is critical in Nigeria and should be championed. Orientation and re-orientation of the electorate on the values of election through process of political socialization based on our indigenous values should have a prime of place in our electoral system.  It is only when credible and trusted leaders like Rochas Okorocha is trying to prove to Imo people that Nigerians can bit their chest and say “we have started” lest, no way for Nigeria in the pursuits of matching with the best democracies in the world.  Also INEC should be given enough antinomy to do its work. There should be rotation of the Resident Electoral commissions from their state to other state. This will enhance non-partisanship on their part finally we are agreed that voting patterns in the 2011 guber election in Imo state is characterized by zoning, personality of candidates. The direction of votes and behaviour of electorate went to this direction.

Keywords: Voting, pattern, Imo State, governorship, election, and 2011 election


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