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August 2012 Vol. 1(6), pp 132-143
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Basis and foundations of globalization

Rahmat Abbastabar Moghri

Research Scholar in Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of Mysore, India. 288, 18 cross, B block, main road, 3rd stage, vijayanagar, Mysore, India.

Email:,; Phone: 7411628616

Accepted 27 July, 2012


Nowadays, the term of globalization is key concept in political science and it also became one of the current concepts in different sciences. Globalization, regardless of its appearance causes, has excellent influence on many subjects in different scopes. Generally, thoughtful belief that globalization has four various dimensions in economy, culture, politics and social. What that very important, however, in globalization debate is its foundation and basis of thoughts. Globalization, substantially, has more strong ideological pillars and foundations. Amongst many different basis of globalization, the modernity and post modernity are most affective and principled basis of globalization, as which all its affections are based on these pillars and foundations. In my opinion the incorrupt knowledge and recognize of globalization and understanding of its excellent impact and affection is based only on recognize of its basis and foundations. In other word, supporting and oppressing of globalization is regarded to its theoretical basis and foundations.

Keywords: modernity, post modernity, globalization.


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