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August 2012 Vol. 1(6), pp 118-131
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Globalisation and Americanisation – the hijacking of indigenous African culture

A Nicolaides

Vaal University of Technology


Accepted 04 June, 2012


This is a conceptual analytical article which explores Globalization and Americanization. The former is extremely controversial with regard to Africa when it comes to the rise of a global culture dominated by Americana. The idea of Globalisation requires intense critical reflection if we are to begin to comprehend its fundamental nature. This article investigates the cultural dimensions of Globalisation and identifies when it began, what the difference is between Globalisation and Americanisation if any. American cultural norms and practices are permeating the globe as the accepted standard of living and behaviour. The result is that African culture is being diluted, to the extent that it is atrophying.  Thirdly, the characteristic differences between cultural forms of Globalisation and what has come to be termed Americanisation are discussed. There is often a convergence of these two ideas but they should be placed in their correct historical contexts. Many researchers view Globalisation and Americanisation as being conceptually distinct. They do however have a common objective, namely the homogenization of the globe. In addition to these questions, the researcher seeks to address the questions that many people around the globe are asking concerning the impact of the global proliferation of the capitalist model and its effects on their cultural identities. Globalization continues to generate controversy with regards to the rise of a global culture which is increasingy Americanised. This paper strives to outline and critically assess the impact of globalization on African culture and to postulate strategies to combat Americanisation and Globalisation.

Keywords: Globalisation, Americanisation, culture, Africa.

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