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January, 2015. Vol. 4(1), pp 001-004

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American and African Adolescents’ Claim to HIV/AIDS Invulnerability

Tuntufye Selemani Mwamwenda


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 50 Holzner Road Pinetown 3610 South Africa


Accepted 25 November, 2014




The aim of this investigation was to examine African and American  adolescents’ claim to HIV/AIDS invulnerability frequently expressed stance that they are not susceptible to the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Participants were selected from diverse countries comprising USA, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. The method of data analysis consisted of frequency, percentage, chi-square and probability. The measuring instrument was a questionnaire dealing with HIV/AIDS transmission, infection and prevention. The results showed that the majority of participants held the perception and belief that indeed they were invulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection, even though some of them engaged in behaviour that predisposed them to contracting HIV/AIDS. In conclusion, it was argued that HIV/AIDS public education ought to underscore this misconception to advance the cause against HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Keywords: Adolescents in denial, HIV/AIDS transmission, low HIV perception, HIV/AIDS invulnerability, existence of HIV/AIDS, university students.


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