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October, 2015. Vol. 4(9), pp 113-115

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Evaluation of Small Group Discussion as a Teaching Method in Microbiology for Second Year MBBS Students in Brims Bidar: A Pilot Study

*Sudheendra Kulkarni1 and Chandrakanth Chillarge2


1Tutor and Nodal Officer for IDSP. Department of Microbiology, Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences, Bidar, Karnataka.

2Professor and HOD, Department of Microbiology Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences, Bidar, Karnataka.

*Corresponding Author’s Email:; Tel: +91 9986843554.

Accepted 15 September, 2015 



In India, Medical Microbiology subject is included in the curriculum of second year of MBBS. Teaching plays a major role in medical curriculum. There are various modes of teaching Medical microbiology such as lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, seminars, text book method, project method, small group discussions, study tours, problem solving method, team teaching, enquiry approach, videotapes, case studies etc. To teach a large group of students usually lectures are used. And to teach small group of students, demonstrations/ bedside clinics will be preferred. After thorough review of literature, we have found very few studies exist about the small group discussion as a teaching method in India. Hence we have undertaken the present study to observe the effectiveness of small group discussions as an effective teaching method in teaching Medical Microbiology.

Keywords: Microbiology, MBBS Students in Brims Bidar


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