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December, 2014 Special Anniversary Review Issue. Vol. 3(9), pp 163-176

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Endophytic fungi  diversity of wild terrestrial plants in Kyrgyzstan

Tinatin  Doolotkeldieva,  Saykal  Bobusheva


Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, 56 Prospect Mira, 720044, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

Corresponding Author’s Email:;

Tel: 996312541942; Fax: 996312541935.

Accepted 02 December, 2014




A total of 255 species of wild medicinal plants were analyzed in Northern and Northeastern Kyrgyzstan; from 150 plant species, 278 endophytic fungal isolates were identified. Endophytic fungi were frequently recorded on members of large plant families: AsteraceaeRanunculaceaeRutaceaeFabaceae,LamiaceaeBoraginaceaeMoraceaeIridaceaeEuphorbiaceae and Brassicaceae. In the foothill ecosystems, rich biodiversity and numerous species of endophytic fungi genera - Fusarium, AcremoniumCladosporiumPenicillium, Curvularia, Monilia, Rhizoctonia, Papularia, Botrytis and Stemphylium - were registered. The comparison of the Shannon diversity index (HS) for the endophytic fungi community showed a higher diversity of light-colored species (HS = 3.47) in foothill ecosystems than in alpine systems (HS = 2.75), and a lower diversity in the middle mountains (HS = 2.46). Endophytes were identified from all organs of plants. The most favorite habitats for fungi in plant body were root tissues, followed by the stems and leaves, while the flower clusters and seeds were rarely colonized by endophytes.

Keywords: wild medicinal plants, biodiversity of endophytic fungi, distribution on vertical zonation, tissues colonized.





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