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February 2014 Vol. 3(1), pp 001-004

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Advancement of Non Edible Oil (Jatropha carcus) Seeds For Development of Surfactants and Their Utilization in Pest Control Management

Gulab Chand Shah1*, Ganesh Pawar1, Rakesh Arya2


1Non-Wood Forest Product Division, Tropical Forest Research Institute Jabalpur, PO-RFRC, 482021 India

2Sobt, Rgpv, Bhopal Mp India

*Corresponding Author’s Email:

Accepted 26 January, 2014




Natural toxins are a reserve of new substance prospectus of pesticides, as well as environmentally and toxicologically safer molecules than many of the currently used pesticides. Furthermore, they often have molecular goal sites that are not exploited by presently marketed pesticides. There are highly doing well products based on natural compounds in the major pesticide classes. These contain the herbicide glufosinate (synthetic phosphinothricin), the spinosad insecticides, and the strobilurin fungicides. These and other examples of currently marketed natural product-based pesticides, as well as natural toxins that show promise as pesticides from our own research are discussed. the materialization of drug resistant parasites and insecticide resistant mosquito strains, along with numerous strength, environmental, and ecological side effects of many element agents, decorated the necessitate to build up substitute tools that either correspond or substitute predictable pest classify approaches. 

Keywords: IPM, Biopesticides, Jatropha carcus, OECD, pests.


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