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April 2019 Vol. 8(3): pp. 056-057
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Upshot of Blood Group with handedness

Muhammad Imran Qadir, Sidra Zafar*

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan


Accepted 30 December, 2018



Blood is the main element of our body. There are a lot of researches which have been done on the blood. In the ABO blood group system there are four types of blood groups A,B,AB,O. Karl Landsteiner found out the  blood group system.The handedness is the natural phenomena occurring in the homo sapiens only . It is defined as the ability of the person to do most of the tasks like writing, waving, playing games, eating either with the left or the right hand.To check the type of blood group the blood samples were taken from the different subjects. The process of checking the blood group involved taking the blood sample by pricking the needle in the finger tip of the subject.The real goal of the research was to  harmonize the blood group with the marvel of handedness.The subjects were students of the University named in Bahuddin Zakirya University Multan, Pakistan.The researches based on this topic have been done in the Nigeria.It was concluded from the present study that O+ female has the maximum right handedness.

Keywords: Blood type, Handedness, Project analysis.





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