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May 2014 Vol. 3(4), pp 064-067

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Case Report

Self knotting of Nasogastric tube: an unusual and rare complication.

Awe JAA 


Consultant General Surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, College of Health Sciences, Igbinedion University, Okada; Edo State, Nigeria.


Accepted 07 May, 2014




Nasogastric tubes are commonly used in daily practice both for stomach decompression and for feeding purposes however the number of potential complications almost exceeds the indications for use. This innocent-looking tube can at times cause unexpected complications especially in patients with pre-existing risk factors. It has been found to have led to serious complications including respiratory distress, severe laryngeal injury, and trachea-esophageal puncture. Knotting of small-bore feeding tubes and nasogastric tubes during insertion and removal is rare; knotting of large-caliber nasogastric tubes is even more uncommon. However most of this morbidity is avoidable with careful attention to detail when placing the tube and careful management of the tube on a day to day basis. A knot occurring in the distal end of a nasogastric tube is a rare complication. This is either recognized once the tube is completely removed, or if resistance is encountered during its removal, when the knot presses upon the posterior aspect of the nasal area. We hereby report a knotted nasogastric tube on one of our long stay patient in our health facility inserted for feeding and administration of medication. After some time, it was observed that the nasogastric tube suddenly became blocked. Attempts to flush the tube freely failed.

Keywords: Nasogastric tube, Knotting.



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