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June, 2015. Vol. 4(5), pp 064-070

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Screening over weight and diabetic women from serum 25- hydroxy vitamin D and serumthyroid-stimulating hormone levels with Age, Body Mass Index and Fast Plasma Glucose

Ernest Emilion1 and Richard Emilion2


1Medicine Doctor at Community Clinic, Paris 116 rue de Belleville 75020 Paris France

2Professor of statistics, MAPMO Laboratory, Orleans University B.P. 6759 45067 Orleans cedex 2 France

*Corresponding Author’s Email: eemilion@  

Accepted 15 June, 2015




Background: It has been reported that serum 25- hydroxyl vitamin D (25(OH)D) level may affect glucose homeostasis and is inversely correlated with serum thyrotropin TSH concentrations. Weproposedsome classes of levels of serum 25(OH)D and TSH, we wondered whetherfast plasma glucose concentrations or less costly criterion as age or BMIcould be used to predict classification of each woman of our cohort in classes of serum 25(OH)D/TSH concentrations. Methods: Measurements of serum 25(OH)D and TSH were administratedamong 165 adult African migrants women living in Paris. ROC analysis was used to identify serum 25- hydroxyl vitamin D and TSH thresholds. Machine-learning tools were performed for prediction.Results: A threshold of serum 25(OH)D of 48±5 nmol/L and TSH of 1.44±0.17 UI/mL level was found with a sensitivity of 86%, a specificity of 83 %. We identified 3% of the sample as a particular class of fifties overweight and diabetic women with high levels of serum 25 (OH) D and high serum TSH concentrations suspected of sub-hypothyroidism disease. We found 38 % of mid-aged women, obese with high risk for developing hypothyroidism disease. Conclusion: Estimation with Fast Capillary Glucosemeasurement instead of Fast Plasma Glucose, Age or BMI could be a less costly method to screen glucose, thyroid and vitamin D status among migrant women.

Keywords: 25-hydroxyvitamin D - Thyroid-stimulating hormone - Fast glucose plasma- Data mining.


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