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June 2017 Vol. 6(4): pp. 013-020
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Occurrence of Gymnamoebae and physico-chemical parameters in an industrial wastewater treatment system

Elizabeth Ramirez1*, David P. Ibarra1, Esperanza S. Robles1, Maria G. Sainz1, Maria E. Martinez1, Reynaldo Ayala1, Alex Correa-Metrio2, Victor M. Rivera-Aguilar3


1Project of Environ Improvement and Conservation. UIICSE. FES Iztacala. National Autonomous University of Mexico

2Paleontology Department. Geology Institute. National Autonomous University of Mexico.

3Microbiology Laboratory. UBIPRO. FES Iztacala. National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Accepted 11 June, 2017



The activated sludge system is one of the processes most utilized for both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment. The treatment is carried out by different microbial associations, primarily bacterial, but there are also others, such as gymnamoebae or naked amoebae, which act as regulators of the bacterial populations in the treatment systems. In addition, some gymnamoebae can cause human diseases or be vectors of other pathogens. However, information about the species found in—particularly industrial—wastewater treatment systems is scarce. This work, therefore, aims to determine the occurrence of gymnamoebae and the physico-chemical parameters in an industrial wastewater treatment system. Species belonging to 15 genera of gymnamoebae were found in the treatment system, the genera Acanthamoeba, Vannella and Mayorella being the most represented.  Some amoeba species were found throughout the treatment system, while others were found only in one or two zones. 

Keywords:  Gymnamoebae, activated sludge, textile wastewater.


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