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August 2018 Vol. 7(6): pp. 113-120
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An Assessment of the Preservative Potentials of Soursop (Annonamuricata) Seed Oil on Plantain and Orange Juice.

Dauda A. O., Salami, K.O., Oyeyinka, S.A., Esan, O.T., Arise, A.K and Asije A.R. 


University of Ilorin, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Home Economics and Food Science, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


Accepted 14 June, 2018



An assessment of the preservative potentials of seed oil of soursop (Annonamuricata)  plant  grown in the tropics of West Africa  were studied. The seed oil was extracted via Soxhlet extraction method, matured unripe plantain (stage one) selected, while juice was extracted from oranges. Unripe plantain sourced was coated with the extracted oil and orange juice produced was  equally treated with 0.3 to 1.5mls of the extracted oil. Phytochemical component and proximate composition of the seed oil, pH and brix of coated plantain, and microbial load of orange juice were determined using standard methods. Results showed antioxidant values to be total soluble phenols (632.91mg/100g), total carotenoid (344.15µg/100g), concentration of tocopherol  (360.0μg/100g), ascorbic acid (0.21mg/100g), flavonoid (150.45mg/kg), and anthocyanins (0.01%), while the moisture, ash, crude fat, crude protein, crude fiber and carbohydrate contents  were: 52.12%, 1.61%, 5.19%, 9.71%, 1.33% and 30.05% respectively. Microbial load increase  of the orange juice was delayed for 3 weeks when compared to control. It has high value for both the bacteria and fungi counts (2.48 log cfu/g and 1.59 log cfu/g respectively), and treated, 1.89 log cfu/g and 0.08 log cfu/g respectively. The oil coating delayed ripening and spoilage of the plantain samples by about 10days.

Keywords:  Antioxidant properties, soursop seed oil, microbial load, proximate composition, shelf life, coating.





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