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Export entrepreneurial orientation and export performance of SMEs in Uganda 

Godwin Ahimbisibwe M and Ernest Abaho* 

Makerere University Business School, Kampala, Uganda. 

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: 

Abstract 22 January 2013 



Internatinalisation of business operations has become a crucial element of the enterprise based economies. This is because of the increasing need for global economies to improve on their balance of payments and trade. Although this is the most desired economic situation, less is yielded from the SME sector in terms of export performance in Uganda. This study therefore was set to explore the conceptual feasibility of examining the possible relationship between Export entrepreneurial Orientation (as dimensionalised under innovativeness, proactiveness and risk orientation) and Export performance. 195 SMEs in Uganda were surveyed and findings revealed that SMEs in Uganda have significantly high levels of export entrepreneurial orientation and that EEO dimensions are significant predictors of export performance. Therefore, SMEs should be encouraged to always recruit entrepreneurial staff, open up for foreign partnerships and create international operations departments in order to streamline their export operations whilst committing resources towards the reinforcing of export performance. 

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Export Orientation, SMEs, Export performance, risk orientation, innovativeness. proactiveness.

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