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The impact of service quality on brand loyalty; A descriptive study of Smartphone users in higher educational institutions of district Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Waseem

PhD Marketing (Scholar), University of Management and Technology Lahore, Pakistan.


Accepted 06 January 2016


This research study is to investigate crucial factors such as service quality and brand loyalty of the Smartphones users in District Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan.  Participants of research study are the students of higher education institutes in District Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan. For the explanation of this research study Independent variable is the four dimensions of customer service quality such as Value-added-services, Mobile devices,Price,Customer services and dependent variable brand loyalty. Researcher has used both explanatory and descriptive approach on this survey based research study. Questionnaire as instrument of data collection is formed by a synthesis of existing constructs in relevant literature. Non-probability technique such as convenience sampling is used for sample design and collected data put in SPSS software version 20 for drawn the deductive conclusion. A series of statistical techniques i.e. frequency distribution, reliability, validity, regression and correlation are conducted to test the hypotheses.  The findings show that service quality dimensions as a whole on brand loyalty are significant, since the 14.5 percent of the total variance is explained. Four service quality dimensions are proved to have positive effects on brand loyalty. Those are Value-added-services (standard beta, .155, p, 0.27) Price (standard beta .184, p, 0.009), Mob devices (standard beta .188, p, 0.007), and Customer services (standard beta .158, p, 0.023).  Value of research study it is of great importance for mobile operators in an emerging market such as that of Pakistan, to understand what the drivers of brand loyalty are. The present study produced useful findings, which can be utilized by Smartphones provider managers, in their effort to develop and implement successful customer loyalty strategies.  The future research study could examine other factors such as trust, attractiveness of alternatives, brand experience and brand image. Moreover, the investigation of the mediation role of switching costs on the link between customer service quality and brand loyalty could enhance the research model.

Keywords: Services quality, Brand loyalty (BL), Mobile devices (MOBDEV), Value-added-services (VADS), Customer services (CUSER).


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