Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies (GARJMBS) ISSN: 2315-5086 October  2012 Vol. 2(10), pp 483-495

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The differential study on the employee playfulness and employee creativity of high-tech industry in Taiwan and Mainland-China 

Cheng-Ping Chang 

Professor, Department of Education, National University of Tainan33, Sec. 2, Su-Lin St., Tainan, Taiwan


Accepted 17 September 2013



After Taiwan and Mainland China joined the WTO, the cross-strait economy further fused into the world economic system. The opening of the “Three Links” policy gradually deepened cross-strait economic and trade relations. The competitive advantages in Mainland China, as compared to Taiwan, and the aggressive investment opportunities around China, have attracted Taiwanese businesses. In recent years, many industries, both traditional and high-tech, have relocated to Mainland China. This study aims to probe the differences in employee playfulness and creativity in the high-tech industries in Taiwan and Mainland-China. Through the literature review, empirical research methods and assessment on a case-by-case basis, the study found significant differences in employee playfulness and creativity between cross-strait employees. The playfulness qualities and creativity averages of employees in China were higher than those of Taiwanese employees. 

Keywords: employee playfulness, employee creativity, high-tech industry

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