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An Activity Based Costing-based : A Case Study of a Taiwanese Gudeng Precision Company

Chien-Lung Hsu1 and Chun-Hao Chiang2* 

1Department of Marketing Management, Takming University of Science and Technology No.56, Sec. 1, Huanshan Rd., Neihu, Taipei City 11451, Taiwan (R.O.C.) of Banking and Finance, National Chi Nan University, No.1, University Rd, Puli, Nantou County, 54561 Taiwan ( R.O.C. )

2Department of Risk Control Management, Mega Financial Holding Company,14F, No. 123, Section 2, Jhongsiao E. Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan(R.O.C.)* 

Accepted 22 October 2014



Traditional cost accounting allocation of manufacturing costs is not rigorous enough, resulting in product cost structure distortions. This responsibility for company operation should be internalized into business operations--prior to production--in order to reflect the true cost of the final product. Due to the use of traditional cost accounting, many organizations have not estimated their productional costs precisely. In this paper, we propose an integrated concept the Activity-Based Costing approached to solve the problem of manufacturing and cost evaluation. We include a case study of an Gudeng Precision Company (Semiconductor Process Equipment Factory) in Taiwan to show that the activity-based costing method estimates semiconductor front-end equipment manufacturing costs of a final product more accurately than traditional approaches do. The method can, therefore, provide information for use in existing manufacturing accounting systems and help managers incorporate manufacturing costs into their decision-making processes.                         

Keywords: Activity-Based Costing, manufacturing cost, Semiconductor Process Equipment Factory

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