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October 2017 Vol. 6(6), pp 161-175

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Public Service Ethics in Public Management: an empirical investigation

Dr. Kalsoom Sumra

Assistant Professor Centre for Policy Studies, COMSATS Institute of Information TechnologyIslamabad, Pakistan.Tel: 0092-3009662813   


Accepted 23 October 2017


The increasing concern of public sector reforms brings new challenges to public service ethics in developing countries not only at central level but also at local level. This paper aims to identify perceptions on public service ethics of public officials and examines more generally the understanding of public servants in Pakistan towards public service ethics in local public organizations. An empirical research is conducted using a sample of 150 public servants with variety of functions operating at the local level in Pakistan and this study employs a personally administered structured questionnaire to know the extent of the recognition of public service ethics in local organizations.  The analysis explores how traditional, social patterns and cultural ethics can provide us with a rounded picture of the main antecedents, moderators of public service ethics in Pakistan. Moreover, the results show that a deep sense of public service ethics are crucial in public organizations and ongoing political and administrative culture of Pakistan devalued core public organizational ethical climate. The findings of the study also have numerous implications for local public organizations and the current study highlights the importance of expanding research agenda on public service ethics in developing settings with challenging institutional contexts with imperfect training and operating environments. This may well be particularly important for practice of public service ethics in developing countries in public administration.  This study is the first of its kind to provide initial step in practical implications to emphasize relevant public service ethics in public administration in developing transparent and accountable organization.  

Keywords: Public service ethics, Accountability and transparency, Public service reforms, Public administration, Organizational ethical climate



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