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Upscaling of sub-national transportation and communication infrastructure in Nigeria: A case study of Cross River State

*Ndem Ayara Ndiyo and Josephat Odo Ogar 

State Planning Commission, Calabar, Cross River State.

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Accepted 28 November 2012



The paper reviews the efforts of Cross River State Government in upscaling transportation and communication Infrastructure in Nigeria. The study adopted survey research through mapping of transport and communication infrastructure in the 18 local government areas (LGAs) of Cross River State. The findings indicated that Cross River State has made significant efforts in infrastructural development but still suffers drags due to insufficient funds for infrastructural maintenance, upgrading and lack of infrastructural control measures in the transportation and communication sub-sectors. The study recommended public-private partnership and deregulation of certain infrastructure sectors by the federal government to support the state government efforts in infrastructural development. The paper opines that a more transparent budget implementation process matching the sector allocations at the federal level with the state and local government funding that will prevent institutionalized corruption is needed. Citizens’ advocacy led by beneficiary/host communities to demand, monitor and evaluate transportation and communication infrastructural services should be promoted if the State’s social infrastructure is to be upscaled and sustained. 

Keywords: Upscaling, infrastructural maintenance, communication sub-sectors.

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