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The relationship between religious orientation and job involvement in faculty members 

Mohsen Golmohammadian1, Masood Boroomand Nasab1, Parisa Yasami Nejad2, Shahram Nourisamarin1, Homam Moyedfar1 

1Department of Counseling and Psychology, Dezful Branch , Islamic Azad university, Dezful, Iran

2Department of Psychology PNU,Kermanshah, Iran.1

Corresponding author 

Accepted 20 October 2014



Issue including the concepts, according to researchers in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, attracted to the concept of job involvement. Objective: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between dimensions of religious orientation (beliefs, rituals and morals), the amount of job involved, the faculty was conducted. Methods: This study was based on assumptions of correlation studies. The population consists from all Faculty of Islamic Azad University of Dezfool was in 2013. The sample (n = 62), using simple random sampling were selected. Research tools including surveys, job involvement Kanongo (1982), and Beck's religious orientation Cyberspace (2003), respectively. Methods of data analysis, including Pearson simple correlation, and multivariate regression respectively. Results: Data analysis showed that the dimensions of religious orientation, job involvement, positive and significant relationship (p<0/05 ). The results of multivariate regression analysis, stepwise method showed that 0/63 .% of the variance in job involvement, can be explained by the predictor variables (p<0/05 ). Conclusion: Considering the importance of religious orientation in the organization of the show. 

Keywords: Job involvement, religious orientation, faculty 

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