Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies (GARJMBS) ISSN: 2315-5086 February 2013 Vol. 2(2), pp 071-079

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Terms of value created distribution: Illustrations by Tunisian Background 

Touati Janet 

Jazan University


Accepted 15 February 2013 



The aim of this paper is to give an overview of the debates focusing on the origin of the value created, in terms of its distribution and the generating process.  In this paper we are faced with two theories: the first focuses on the shareholder at the expense of other stakeholders who are thus relegated to second place, while the second considers that shareholders are a stakeholder among others. It emphasizes, in turn, the need for a mix of interests in the process of distribution of value created and the creation of which has helped all stakeholders. Via the two appropriate indicators of measures; the economic value and the market value added and referring to a sample of Tunisian firms listed on a period from 1999 until 2007, we showed the ability of these companies to create value. 

Keywords: Shareholder value, Partnership value, EVA, MVA

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