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Globalization Drivers Effect on Consumer Likeliness Around The World 

Muhammad Nayab Gul Dahir1,  Shaheryar2, Ahmad Shiraz Khan3, Sir. Aamir Gafoor4 

Deparment of Management Sciences, Szabist, Islamabad, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Insitute of Science and Tecnology

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 12 September 2013



People are more and more integrated with each other due to globalization. Globalization opens the numerous ways for the people to share the knowledge and other things (product and services) that prevails in their country. This study is conducted by taking the some important drivers from the globalization to measure the likeliness around the world. The 350 respondents have been selected out 420 sample size. Demographics’ are age, profession and country to belong. 7 countries are taken for the research purposes from which 50 respondents of each country have been taken. The product chocolate has been taken for the measurement of likeliness. The paper investigates the likeliness of consumer around the world by taking satisfaction, technology, price, quality, and marketing variables. The result will helpful for the organizations to capture the market anywhere in the world. It is proved in the study that the benchmark regarding the satisfaction of people all around the globe is same and mental level of peoples appeared to be alike. Due to time and resources limitations, it will research is on restricted to seven countries and fewer drivers are taken to measure the likeliness. 

Keywords: consumer behavior, globalization, likeliness, brand, perception

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