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Evaluating the Performance of Queues via Risk Measures 

Najeeb Al-Matar 

Department of Management Information Systems, Faculty of Administrative and Financial SciencesAlBaha University.


Accepted 28 February 2015


This study aims to investigate and examine the performance of queues via risk measures. It is significant to notice that risk measures is one of the most integrated and credible techniques, which enable the network administrators to identify or determine potential errors and flaws, which are often occurred in network queues. Inconsistent and flawed network queues usually results in intensely high traffic at network nodes; hence results in devastatingly poor performance of the network. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and assess the performance as well as patterns of the queues, which are primarily developed by the transmission of data packets. This research study will commendably help in perceiving the notion of queues and risk measures. In addition to this, the paper will also play an indispensable and inevitable role in identifying the role of risk measures in evaluating the performance of queues.         

Keywords: Queues, Risk Measures, Performance Evaluation

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