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Empirical Approach of Leading the Academic Advising Process in Higher Education

Saeed Hameed Aldulaimi

College of Administrative Sciences, Applied Science University (ASU) , Kingdom of Bahrain


Accept 21 January 2019


The current study aimed at revealing the reality of academic advising in Higher education as perceived and experienced by a head of academic advising committee. Furthermore, this study extant the literature by handling the lacks to provide convincing approach that advising has an impact on students in practice. The study revealed that produce a participating application perfect between the factors of the academic advising system and the student. Set the plan for every semester to determine the main actions that should be taken and agenda is essential for successful academic advising process. In addition, inform, suggest, counsel, discipline, coach, mentor and teach and the follow-up process with students at risk helps and empowers them to correct their direction and overcome current problems. Finally, developing the academic advisor’s social capabilities to overcome the frontier of campus to enable them to move forward in their academic path. Recommendation of this study suggest that the academic advising generally have a tendency to use online platform for advising which it has numerous portions that optimizing the application. Therefore, more studies should shed lights on the improvement of the online academic advising with the lack of social interaction. 

Keywords: Academic Advising, Empirical Approach, Leadership, University, Higher Education

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