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Culture; is it relevant in the antecedence of entrepreneurial values? Evidence from Zanzibar 

Ernest Abaho1, Issa Seif Salim2, Richard Akisimire3 

1Makerere University Business School, Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

2University of Dares Salaam Business School.

3Makerere University Business School, MUBS Mbarara Study Centre.

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 15 March 2013



This study set out to explore the role of culture in the development of entrepreneurial values. It was conducted in Zanzibar, Tanzania. 205 SMEs owners and owner managers were surveyed. Results revealed a strong relationship between culture and entrepreneurial values. Recommendations are made to entrepreneurship scholarship to examine the particular entrepreneurial areas that strongly relate to culture as well as conducting a comparative study with other countries. At community level, there is need to establish areas that strongly influence entrepreneurial values and use them to reinforce the entrepreneurial tendencies of the people of Zanzibar so as to strengthen their values for more sustainable and quality entrepreneurial activities. 

Keywords: Culture dimensions, entrepreneurial values, Zanzibar.

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