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Analysis of Modularization Compared to Total Project Cost in Alberta Oil and Gas Projects 

Elias Ikpe, Ph.D,  Jatinder Kumar, MSc. P.Eng., and Dr. George Jergeas, Ph.D., P.Eng. 

Civil Engineering, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ignatius Omuh2, MSc. 2Building Technology Department, Covenant University, Nigeria.

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 03 November 2014


Modularisation is an important area that needs to be effectively addressed in the construction of Alberta oil and gas industry schedule. It is an effective way to get partial construction done. This paper examines modularization of projects executed in Alberta oil and gas industry for effective projects schedule performance. A qualitative research methodology was employed in investigating the modularization used for the Alberta projects. Interviews were conducted with industry practitioners, which contained open - ended questions and data were also collected from COAA/CII database. The research found higher average percentage overall modularization to total project cost of the Alberta oil and gas projects. This method has the potential to contribute to a reduction in cost and schedule overruns and improves project performance. It is concluded that the results of the study will help in leveraging the benefits of modularization that have already been gained by the various oil & gas projects in Alberta to improve project schedule performance.                                        

Keywords: Alberta oil and gas, projects, modularization, costs, performance

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