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Economies of scale and density in the public rood transport sector in Tunisia

Mohamed Amine Mezghani

Doctor of  management science in Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax . Tunisia


Accepted 09 May 2015



This study seeks to broaden the knowledge in the impact of the economies of scale and density drawn in and by the road transport sector in Tunisia so as to not only grasp the possibility of a substitutability of the production factors used but also highlight the importance of the global productivity achieved in the operation of means of transport for the users and the community. The study of the twelve urban, suburban and interurban regional public road transport companies of passengers and goods in Tunisia reveals the existence of a homogeneity in the total production of these companies which vary with the size of the networks, the number of stops, the number of employees, although it exists a strong heterogeneity concerning.

Keywords: Economics of scale,  Economics of density, Transport sector, Translogaritmic function, Increase,  Innovation,  Management.


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