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Exploring the role of management accounting in improving the performance of managers in the new environment "evidence from Bahrain"

Ali Gaber Saleh Ali Mahmoud

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Tanta University, Egypt  or Department of Accounting, University of Bahrain, Bahrain., Tel:0097339343426-0097339979203-

Accepted 02 April 2013



Management accounting system is a subservient of different levels of management in most companies. In the less-developed countries, environment of companies has been changed in the last decades.  These companies applied new management philosophies and competitive strategies. Therefore, companies should review the role of its management accounting system in this new environment. This paper explored the role of management accounting through the management process including planning, executing, and evaluating the performance in the listed and un-listed companies in Bahrain. A survey conducted in these companies using questionnaires. The findings of this study indicate that the studied companies changed their strategic plans for similar reasons. Also, it found that the management accounting played multi roles that were to evaluate performance of managers, to identify the managerial problems on time (problem solving), to enhance participation and motivation of managers and to pay the attention of managers toward the important issues in their departments (attention-directing). Several prior studies investigated the change of management accounting in the developed countries. However, this study added value by filling the gap in the literature on exploring the role of management accounting system in supporting management in light of the new setting of one Gulf country.

Keywords: management, accounting-strategy-planning, control and performance evaluation 

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