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Family values in SMEs in Arequipa and their Organizational development 

Noelia A. Jiménez1  and  Walter L. Arias2 

1Universidad Católica de Santa María, Arequipa, Perú

2Universidad Católica San Pablo, Arequipa, Perú

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 11 April 2014 



The following research is a qualitative work that analyses de role that plays the family in the organizational development of five SMEs from Arequipa city, selected in non-probabilistic way. We applied a depth interview to the owners, family employees and non-family employees who work in that companies. We obtain information about their organizational culture, the work condition, production process, business growth, its vision-mission, etc. It’s concluded that the predominant values that are perceived by the interviewees are economic and associated with the conditions of informality SMEs. 

Keywords: family values, SME, companies, organizational development.

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