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Analysis of the Effects of Macroprudential Measures on GDP’s Trend – Simulation Using A Macro Financial Model for Albania

Ela Golemi, Ph.D

University “Aleksander Moisiu”, Department of Economic Sciences, Durres, 2000Albania


Accepted 06 July 2016


This study provides an assessment of the impact of macroprudential policy measures taken from the Bank of Albania, on the main financial indicators and real economy’s dynamics, as well as their impact in raising the resilience of financial system and its stability. Based in Albania’s financial system composition, the level of market development and the quality of data, this study finds appropriate to make use of a Macro Financial Model for Albania to assess the effects of countercyclical macro prudential measures taken by the Bank of Albania on March 2013, as a toolkit to address credit revival.  Our analyses support that all measures implemented individually improve the main financial variables and affect positively Albania’s GDP growth, although the impact of the simultaneous implementation of these three measures is higher. The implementation of macroprudential policy measures can help contribute to a stable financial intermediation by raising the resilience of the financial system against risks. 

Keywords: macroprudential policy, systemic risk, financial stability, economy dynamics. JEL classification: C81, E5, G38



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