Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies (ISSN: 2315-5086) May 2016 Vol. 5(5), pp 135-144

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Sales Force Training Methods  and Sales Performance of Insurance Firms in Rivers State

Dr.  Sunny  R.  Igwe1.  and   Tamunoiyowuna,  Mathias,  Msc.

Department of Marketing, University of Port Harcourt,  Nigeria

Corresponding author Email: chikordi@Yahoo.Com

Accepted 11 May 2016


With the increasing customer apathy to insurance services,  the  need for insurance sales force to acquire relevant skills to  persuade and  recover lost customers and  remain competitive amidst growing competition have necessitated the investigated into  the relationship between sales force training methods and sales performance. A sample of 70 respondents of   sales managers and sales personnel) were surveyed through questionnaire from 23 insurance firms in Rivers State. And spearman rank correlation was used for the analysis. The outcome revealed a very strong and positive relationship between training methods and sales performance. It specifically showed that coaching training, seminar and role playing have positive, strong and significant correlations with sales volume, market coverage, and lost account recovered. This study therefore concludes that sales force training was veritable tool to drive sales performance. It recommended that analysis of  sales force  training need should follow  strategic, periodic, use and implementation  of various training method.

Keywords:  Coaching, Sales force training, Seminar, role playing, Market coverage, lost account recovered, Sales performance, Sales volume.


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