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Work-Life Balance As A Tool For Stress Management In Selected Banking Institutions In Ghana 

Felicity Asiedu-Appiah, Irene Dufie-Marfo and  Evelyn Frempong 

Kwame Nkrumah Universityof Science And Technology Telephone Number: 00233-243 956 852,

Corresponding author Email:  / 

Accepted 24 May 2013



In Ghana, there is a growing concern of occupational stress, especially in the private sector, where some organizations saddle their employees with long working hours without consideration to other aspects of their lives. This study therefore sought to investigate into the policy and practice of work-life balance in selected banking institutions in Ghana and how these practices are able to help in managing the stress levels of employees. The study used quantitative method for collecting primary data, which were analysed using descriptive statistics. Findings from the study revealed that even though work-life balance is practiced in the selected banking institutions, some of the practices that connote an effective work-life balance culture are non-existent. It was also discovered that respondents held an almost polarized view of the effectiveness of work-life balance in managing their stress levels.  Majority of respondents also agreed that work-life balance is effective in enhancing their performance at work and finally, female respondents demonstrated a greater need for work-life balance than their male counterparts. It is recommended that a review of existing work-life balance policies in the banking institutions are undertaken to ensure that policies regarding the concept are consistent with employees’ actual experience. This can be achieved by making sure that employees across different levels of the organization have easy access to the use of work-life balance initiatives without suffering any adverse career consequences. 

Keywords: Work-life balance, Stress, Stress Management and Banking Institutions

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