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Improving Organizational Performance through Job Satisfaction and Quality Assurance 

Freddie Lwanga1, George Ndiwalana2, Johnson Ssekakubo3, Jackson Bwire Mc4 

1Department of Human Resource Management, Makerere University Business School

2Department of Accounting, Makerere University Business School

3Department of Management Science, Makerere University Business School

4Cavendish University

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 07 July 2014



This study sought to examine the relationship between job satisfaction, quality assurance and organizational performance using a quantitative survey study conducted on staff of Kalangala Oil Palm Growers’ project. A total of 20 employees on the project and 1173 farmers participating in producing oil palm were involved on the study. Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect data, which were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics.  Correlation results reveal a positive relationship between Job satisfaction and Quality Assurance (r = .431**, p<.01), and a positive relationship between quality assurance and organizational performance(r = .802**, p<.01). Similarly regression results indicate that Job Satisfaction and Quality Assurance have the potential to determine 79.2% of the Organizational Performance (Adjusted R Square = .792). The regression model is significant (Sig. <.01). Organizational Performance in terms ffbs improves by 1000tonnes, the 792tonnes increment as a result of efforts towards Job Satisfaction and Quality Assurance. We recommend that top management should improve job satisfaction and allocate resources for quality assurance. 

Keywords: Job satisfaction, Quality Assurance, Organizational performance

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