Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies (ISSN: 2315-5086) July 2015 Vol. 4(7), pp 279-284

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Investigating the influence  of Leadership on Change Management at Makerere University

Yusuf Waswa1, Annet Nabatanzi2, Shafic Mujabi3

1Department of Leadership and Governance, Makerere University Business School

2Department of Marketing, Makerere University Business School

3Department of Management Science, Makerere University Business School

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 13 July 2015



Leadership is an essential ingredient of persons with supervisory responsibilities in any organization. It is the element that organizations rely on to translate goals and objectives into accomplishments Colleges and universities, however, present unique challenges for scholars and practitioners who seek to better understand and/or practice leadership, because it has to be applied in a variety of different settings including administrative departments, academic departments, and in student and faculty organizations. Makerere university, being the oldest and biggest university in Uganda is expected to be at the apex of leadership in Ugandan university. However, Makerere university, despite using a collegial system and trying to put some leadership mechanisms in place, there has been a persistent decline in its performance. This has been partly attributed Makerere’s failure to change to the dynamics of the current academia. This study therefore sought to examine how leadership at Makerere university influenced change. A quantitative survey research design was used where quantitative research data collection and analysis methods were employed. A sample of 335 was extracted from the academic staff. On the other hand, a sample of 189 was taken from the administrative staff, giving a total sample of 462 for the study. Questionnaire method was used to collect data. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze background information of the respondents, while correlation and regressions were used to analyze the relationship between study variables. Correlation results indicate a significant and positive relationship between leadership and change management (r = .158**, p<.01). This implies that a unit change in leadership will cause a 15.8% improvement in change management. Further, regression analysis results indicate that leadership predicts change management (Beta = 0.69). The regression model is significant (Sig = .000).Given the findings, universities should undertake a deliberate policy to develop a dialogue orientation with staff to be able to foster effective leadership in the faculties in order to bring about positive change.

Keywords: Leadership Change, Management, University

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