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Leveraging Opportunity Exploitation and Public Private Partnership: A Review of SMEs Perspectives

Hamisi K. Sama

Procurement and Supplies Department, College of Business Education, Dodoma Campus, P. O. Box 2077, Dodoma, Tanzania;


Accepted 22 June 2015


Recent studies show that economic growth of any country is closely linked with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development by fostering accelerated economic growth, development and stability within several economies. Most of SMEs are unable to meet the challenges created in exploitation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities. These problems act as constraints not only in exploitation of PPP opportunities but also limiting economic growth. Leveraging opportunity exploitation and PPP is particularly suitable for this type of study since it has been suggested to be an effective model in predicting how and why some people intend to exploit business opportunities whereas others do not. This paper respond to the calls on how such SMEs exploit the opportunities available in PPP contracts, test how leveraging factors can be applied in exploitation of PPP contracts. The study, therefore, serve to all the stakeholders involved in public procurement for improving the various aspects of SMEs in exploiting PPP opportunities in Tanzania particularly and developing countries in general. An intensive literature review was carried out to find the relationship between the variables. In analysing findings of the reviewed studies an approach to synthesizing a literature stream called Quantitative Content Analysis (QCA) was employed in determining leveraging factors for opportunity exploitation in PPP by SMEs. An intensive literature review was carried out to find the significance of the relationship between the variables. The result shows social networks followed by human capital perspective were the highest frequent factors to affect the leveraging factors for exploitation of PPP opportunities to SMEs. Other factors were found to have considerable significance relationship.

Keywords: Opportunity Exploitation, Public Private Partnership, SMEs

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