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A Study of Women Attitudes Toward their Socio-economic and Political Empowerment: Nigeria Women and National Development 

Ayobade  Adebowale 

Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos 

E-mail:,Phone: 08033047973 

Accepted 7 August 2012



Contemporary issues in development demand equal gender representation in all sectors of the economy but most societies, Nigeria included, are unfortunately structured on patriarchy. The campaign for women empowerment is no myth considering the changing of global politics and economics. However, the big question that needs asking now is, “Are women working to be empowered?” The argument for women empowerment has been on for decades but it remains a worry that we are yet to feel its impact with any significance today. Hence, my sociological exploration of the phenomenon. The objective of the study is to ascertain if women have favourable attitudes towards their empowerment in the areas of socio-economic and political issues. Also, to find out if the concept of women empowerment is gaining currency among women themselves; we want to know whether the women are ready for their socio-economic and political empowerment. The significance of the study is that it ascertains the extent to which women are ready for their empowerment and how they are faring within the key areas we are studying. The methodology used is descriptive because it reveals current attitudes of the women towards their empowerment in the stated areas. Finally, the research outcomes would have implications for future policies on women and development. 

Keywords: Women Attitude, Socio-economic and Political empowerment.

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