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Business Process Reengineering (BPR): strategic choice 

Bougarech Nesrine and Affes Habib 

Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Sfax, Université de Sud Route de l’aéroport km 6 Sfax/Tunisie 

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Accepted 25 June 2012



This article reviews the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) vision of radical business process change, focusing upon the use of information technology, to facilitate a shift away from linear work organization towards parallel processing and multidisciplinary team working. To approach such a change, by focusing on the technologies aspect to the detriment of a regard on managerial, technological and human resources management, might however handicap a lot the chances of succeeding of such a project. Organizational structures and human resources management politics indeed shape the positioning of actors facing the change project, and constitute the appropriation context of those technologies. This article aims to show the significance to articulate those three poles of reengineering. 

Keywords: Business Process Reengineering, HRM, Information Technology

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