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A Multi-Discriminate Analysis 0f Performance – Inducing Variables: A Case of the Textile Industry in North West Nigeria, 1989-2010 

N.D. Gado 

Department Of Business Administration, Faculty Of Humanities, Social And Management Sciences, Bingham University, Km 26 Abuja-Keffi Road, Kodope, Nasarawa State, Nigeria


Accepted 23 July 2013



The textile industry has been germane to the industrial development of Nations. Nigeria’s industrial development has shown symptoms of retrogression. How has the textile sub-sector performed in stimulating the growth of the industrial sector? The paper assessed the role of key performance enhancing variables in the textile sub-sector and their varying effects on performance. Using simple multi-variable correlations with the help of the SPSS version 15, the paper assessed the varying roles of FDI, cotton supply, electricity supply, current assets and fixed assets on  EBIT, ROI, ROS and capacity utilization. The results showed varying degrees of significance at 95% confidence level with electricity supply leading. Amongst the recommendations were that Government should increase investment in infrastructures and develop agriculture. Practitioners should build capital and effectively deploy resources. 

Keywords: Analysis of performance, Inducing Variables, Textile Inustry.

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