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Towards a New Airport Management Model in Spain 

Roberto Díez Pisonero 

Department of Regional Analysis in Geography.University Complutense of Madrid.Faculty of Geography and History.Calle Profesor Aranguren, s/n. Ciudad Universitaria. 28040 Madrid, Spain.

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Accepted 18 June 2013


The Spanish airport management model has undergone profound changes in recent years as a result of the deregulation process that took place at the end of the last century. One of the major impacts resulting from air transport liberalization has been the emergence and consolidation of low cost airlines (LCA) which are able to provide better rates at very affordable prices thanks to its business model. The strong growth in recent years, embodied in the increasing number of passengers, companies, routes and frequencies, has been become a phenomenon of huge importance and impact, described by many authors as a "revolution" of the airline industry. In this situation, the model has started a policy of change (either by extending existing airports, or by new establishments) to take advantage of the potentials that these infrastructures may offer in places where they are settled. The novelty lies in the new management model, which began in the new Spanish airports, that introduces private initiatives and in an effort to compete with the centralized monopoly involved AENA (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) in the management and regulation of Spanish airports. In this paper, two main objectives are focused on from a geographical and inclusive perspective. First, analyzing risks, interests and conflicts generated around these new private airports among different actors involved in the construction and design of them (social, political, economic or territorial actors). Second, assessing the major gaps and weaknesses from governments that enable the implementation of such projects. In this sense, some questions are wondered: Why invest in private airports? Are they really necessary? Do they contribute truly to territorial development? Or, conversely, are they merely speculative operations carried out under a time of economic boom? 

Keywords: airport management, private airports, urban planning, Spain.

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