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Brand “Wingko Semar” Traditional Culinary Exotism From Semarang (Made From Pumpkin And Cassava) With Educational Nuance Of Shadow Puppet

Muhtarom1, Nizaruddin2, Joko Siswanto3, Ida Sarotul Fitriyah4 

1,2,3)Executive Team of Enterpreneurship Program (IbK) PGRI University of Semarang

4)Student of Enterpreneurship Program (IbK) PGRI University of SemarangJln. Lontar No.1 (Sidodadi Timur) Semarang Indonesia


Accepted 06 July 2014



Wingko Semar becomes an innovation in enterpreneurship as an effort of utilizing local food source (pumpkin and cassava) and it becomes an education media of puupet shadow, considering the reality that cultural value of puppet shadow is being neglected by younger generation. The caharcter election of Semar to be icon of this brand is because seeing the phylosophy of Semar as a wise character. The success indicator in this program is succeeding in creating „wingko Semar‟ with the right composition in accordance with consument‟s taste. There are six variants, namely: original pumpkin, chocolate pumpkin, pandanus pumpkin, original cassava, cheese cassava and original yam. It succeeds in creating wingko package with education nuance of shadow puppet which adds aesthetic value thus „wingko Semar‟ can be interesting. The campaign of product marketing is done by online through,, and facebook, selling in simpang lima square of semarang (car free day session), selling on campus, collaborating with stores, and opening booth sales at local entrepreneurs show. Finally this entrepreneur program get good respond from consuments thus the selling of „wingko Semar‟ is increasing.

Keywords: entreprenur, wingko semar, pumpkin, yam, cassava

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