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Decentralization in Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe 

Ezat Sabir Esmaeel and Sabah Mahmmud saeed 

University of Sulaimani, Faculty of Administration and Economy

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Accepted 22 July 2014



The last two decades systemic change has triggered public administration reform in all Central and East European countries, and privatization has served as a prime domestic mover for the structural differentiation of the public sector, this reform contains decentralization of public administration in these countries. The most important general criterion according to which success of a decentralization reform should be assessed is its contribution to the country's democratic transformation and to the social and economic development of the country as a whole, as well as of its individual regions. . Furthermore, fiscal decentralization brings government closer to the people and a representative government works best when it is closer to the people. The economic gains from decentralization of a public administration policy in central and Eastern Europe are macroeconomic stability, equity, efficiency and allocation. Since individual preferences for public goods differ, in a decentralized system individuals choose to live in a community that reflects their preference, which in return maximizes social welfare. 

Keywords: Decentralization, Public Administration, Central and Eastern Europe

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