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Impact of remuneration and career growth on service delivery of the support staff in public secondary school employees 

Charles Vincent Marumbu 

Department of Liberal Studies, Kisiwa Technical Training Institute, P.O.Box 846-50200, Bungoma, Kenya.


Accepted 01 August 2014



The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between remuneration and career growth versus the performance of the support staff in Kenya’s public secondary schools. It addressed the dismal performance to catapult to country to its vision in 2030. Correlational research design was adopted to relationship between motivation and commitment of non teaching staff. Fifty secondary schools were identified using stratified random sampling and purposive sampling methods. Data collection instruments such as questionnaires and interview schedules were administered. Validity and reliability of research instruments was enhanced by conducting a pilot study in 10 secondary schools within the county. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze by way of percentages and ratios. The findings indicated that both pay and opportunity for career development significantly (p < 0.05) influenced the commitment. This study recommended the schools should strictly adhere to the Ministry of Labour renumeration scales and enhances capacity building for non teaching staff through seminars, workshops as well as on the job training programmes for career growth.  

Keywords:   Remuneration,  Career Growth,  Service Delivery, Support staff. Public secondary school employees.

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