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Leadership Styles As Determinants of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Ogun State, Nigeria. Implication to Counselling and Management 

Akoma, Lucy1, Adeoye,Ayodele,O.(PhD)2, Binuyo, Babatunde O3. Akinwole Oladele Timothy4 

1Babcock University,Ilishan Remo, Ogun State, School of  Agricultural and Industrial TrainingDepartment of nutrition and dietetics +2348033175723

2Babcock University,Ilishan Remo, Ogun State, Student Support Services, Counselling Unit+2348038608585 Email:

3Babcock University,Ilishan Remo, Ogun State, Babcock Business School, Department of Economics, Banking and Finance

4Babcock University,Ilishan Remo, Ogun State, School of  Agricultural and Industrial TrainingDept. Agricultural Economics 

Accepted 07 July 2014



The study investigated the some leadership styles as determinants of small and medium scale industries and implication to counselling and management in Ogun state,Nigeria Three research hypotheses were formulated and tested in the study. The study adopted ex-post factor research design and 300 staff were randomly selected from the groups after the four companies had been stratified from the pool of registered companies in the states. Data were collected using a self-developed questioner by the Researchers. Firstly, the type of leadership styles adopted by the company and the second to get the view of the company workers. Data were analyzed using Analysis of Variance and Pearson Product moment correlation while results were tested at the level of 0.05 levels of significance.  The result above indicate the  autocractic leadership styles  view is not significant with the organization performance ,while the democratic shows a significant relationship with yhe organization performance, Lastly, there is a perfect positive relationship with autocratic ,democractic leadership styles and organization performance. . On the basis of this finding, it was suggested that: Industries should adopt a democractic leadership  in other to have maximum profit. 

Keywords: Autocratic,Democractic leadership, small and medium scale industries

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